Leading Government and Medical “Experts”
realizing that everyone has coronavirus now
and everything they have done over the last 2 years was wrong.

  • Good Advice to All: 
  • Be careful.
  • Stay Safe.
  • Any guidance or advice from the Government… Ignore Completely.
  • Trust Doctor Pepper or Doctor Seuss. NOT Doctor Fauci.

Latest Posts

  • Wednesday Podcast Update
    Quick: WordPress Update and OMG A new variant?
  • Dear Diary 5.9 Is Here
    Sooooo the long awaited, much discussed version of WordPress 5.9 has arrived. Nothing blew up, Pandemic rules still apply. I don’t see much different here. It is entirely possible that I am dumb enough not to be able to see it’s subtle nuances. Maybe? Could be.
  • Dear Diary Podcast
  • Daydreaming. The Keys
    Sitting in my chair staring out the window. Mid January. A trip to the Keys… Now that’s the ticket! Indeed!

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