As a result of the events happening in America since January 2021 I am curtailing all of my Social Media activity. This week the disaster in Afghanistan was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I no longer believe in the validity of the current US “leadership”
I have zero interest in commenting or participating in Social Media with regards to this.


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  • Curtailing most Social Media
    Over the last 6 months the new administrations obvious attempts to recreate America in their Socialist-Leftist mold, I have stopped posting on all but my most basic family connections on Social Media. Things are just too aggravating now. I see no point in Podcasting or for that matter, participating in what is happening today in America. The last Continue reading →
  • How much more?
    The same guy who says he is going to take our guns, just armed the taliban beyond their wildest dreams. What will have to happen before action against this guy is taken. Actual steps to remove his power. We can’t afford any more of this. Republicans … where are you? You keep sending me email requests for money Continue reading →
  • There Be Squalls Ahead!
    In 67 years I have never felt the way I do about my world and the people in it. I am truly afraid that this virus is being used as a club to attack, one group against another. And nothing of any real consequence is being done to truly eradicate it.  What if this just continues to mutate Continue reading →

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