What got me started on this  road? Well I enjoy creating websites. I was hooked early, at the beginning of the World Wide Web craze that began in the 20th century (circa 1985). I started with my first Techy books “Websites For Dummies”, and “The Complete Idiots Guide To The World Wide Web”. Once I had the very basics down, the next obstacle, what to write about. I enjoy talking about and writing about my faith and my favorite Christian Author/Scholar CS Lewis left me some superb advice. He said: “Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.” Basically find something that really gets me jazzed and write about it. And write about and it and write about it some more.

So here I am. I also like to throw in some humor (or at least what I consider as humor) Just to keep people guessing. My latest social media hobbies are Tik Tok and Podcasting.  Everyone told me I was too old for Tik Tok but there are all age groups on there. I enjoy interacting with people young and old. Everyone is out there looking for answers to life’s big questions. I like sharing  my faith in Jesus Christ and how He changed my life. Podcasting is a new hobby. I’ve been at it now for about 3 months.  I don’t have many listeners. but that was never the goal. For right now it’s a “Dear Diary” for Bob. And all are welcome to listen in. Just follow the links on this page.

Peace to your homes and families!

Jesus Loves You!

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